You know the coyotes are taking their toll on the deer on the properties you hunt. You know you should be doing something about reducing coyote numbers but if you really didn’t know where to start, here’s the perfect kit to get you going.

Serious hunters and land management experts know that maintaining a healthy deer herd is not just about food plots and waterholes.  To truly maximize your lands wild game potential, you must also manage your predator population. With their new Complete Land Management Predator Package, Dakotaline has streamlined this sometime intimidating and arduous process.  This kit has all of the tools a land manager may need to successfully manage predators on their property.

For most large predators, the foothold trap is the way to go. With a bit of bait, and a properly set trap, the coyote will walk in on a string, paying more attention to the setup than his steps, and be waiting for his moment of fate when you arrive back the next day. The Dakotaline Predator Management Package comes with everything you need to quickly and effectively set up the six included Bridger #1.75 traps.

Along with footholds, neck snares work well for large predators like for coyotes. Simply find the trail the animals are using, brush it in a bit to funnel their movement, and wait. The Dakotaline Predator Management Kit comes with everything you’ll need to run 12 neck snares.

Kris Hoffman, of Dakotaline had this to say about the package. “Whether you are dealing with coyotes, skunks, or raccoons raiding bird nests or beavers who are wreaking havoc on your trees – this Complete Land Management Predator Trapping Kit can do it all.  Use the footholds and make dirt hole sets, flat sets, and post sets for any predator and then use the snares to effectively cover trails predators are using in the area.”

The complete list of everything included in the Dakotaline Complete Land Management Predator Package follows. Valued at over $230 separately, this kit is available for only $189.95. With two instructional DVD’s and enough gear to run 18 traps, no predator will stand a chance on your property!

Included in the Dakotaline Complete Land Management Predator Package:

  • (6) #1.75 Bridger Regular Jaw Traps
  • (12) 60″ Dakotaline Versatile Snares (Good on coyotes, raccoon, beaver, and fox). These snares come with Dakotaline case hardened Lopro locks, #9 gauge swivels, support collars, and are made from 3/32″ 7 x 7 steel cable. Each snare is cleaned and dyed an earth tone black with our Dakotaline Trap & Dip. Just hammer the floating deer stop where your state requires and the snares are line-ready.
  • (12) Support Wires: Support wires have changed snaring. Years ago, trappers would look for a trail that went by a tree or a bush that they could hang their snare on. Their set locations were very limited. Now, with the advent of support wires, a trapper picks the best location on the trail, drives his support wire into the ground and hangs the snare.
  • Dirt Sifter
  • Package of 24 Pan Covers
  • Narrow Blade Trowel
  • Cold Creek 2 lb Trapline Hammer
  • (2) 1 oz lures: Drifter’s fate Predator Lure and Bold Choice Long Distance Call Lure
  • 8 oz Bottle of Red Fox Urine
  • Pint of Bait: Highway 61 Predator Bait (attractive to all predators)
  • Berkshire T-Top Driver
  • (12) Berkshire Cable Stakes
  • (12) 6 Gauge J-Hooks to connect the trap to the cable stakes
  • Redman Snare Tool: This implement is designed for you to put your support wire in the ground.
  • Instructional Snaring DVD: This 38 minute DVD that shows on the line snare instruction with lots of catches
  • Predator Trapping Problems & Solutions DVD with Slim Pedersen: Learn to trap predators from a legend! Slim has caught predators all across North America and you will see over two hours of action packed footage of coyote, bobcats, red fox and more!

This video is a great resource: Order HERE.